Dr. K’s Weight Maintenance Tips For The Holidays

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an easy goal and the added challenges of the holidays can make it near impossible to stick to a diet plan. We have created a few tips for you to get through this season of food. Our mission is to empower you to eat right and make impactful lifestyle changes. Through a personalized and medically supervised diet and weight loss plan, we can help you achieve total mind and body wellness.

Have realistic expectations– The holiday season is not the best time to implement a strict diet plan. A more attainable goal for you would be to focus on maintaining your current weight.

Eat until you are full– Do not go beyond your limits. While we know that indulging in your favorite holiday treats is inevitable, know when your body is full and put the fork down.

Eat before the party– Before you go to the next holiday party or family get together, eat a small healthy snack. Curbing your appetite with a small snack or meal will leave you less hungry for party temptations!

Eat the right party food– When you do go to the food table at the party, choose your food wisely and fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits.

Got water? – Water is an essential element in promoting overall health and wellness; we highly recommend increasing your intake especially during this time of year. Avoid beverages with alcohol, soda, and eggnog. Try drinking sparkling water in a wine glass instead!

Stick to your daily calorie intake– This is where simple math comes into play. If you eat a little too much at that family luncheon, eat a lighter meal for dinner. You should be in control of your daily and weekly caloric intake.

Focus on the occasion and not the food– Remember, this time of year is about celebration and relationships. Time spent with loved ones is more valuable that the brief satisfaction and inevitable guilt with overindulgence.

Focus on non-food, family activities– Avoid building gingerbread houses, decorating sugar cookies, and other food-related traditions. Instead, enjoy playing in the snow, reading Christmas stories, and even snuggling on a warm couch to watch holiday classics.

Bring your own food– Whenever possible, try to bring your own healthy holiday dish to the party.

Host your own party and focus on healthy holiday cooking- It is absolutely possible to host a holiday meal that is healthy and full of nutritional value. Do your research and plan holiday dishes that incorporate healthy substitutes for your traditional meals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 908-206-4676.

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