K Primary Weight Loss Programs


How does the program work?
The program is a team based approach guided by a physician to help you lose weight the healthy way. Our doctor will create a mutually agreeable weight loss plan that is customized to your cultural habits, time constraints, schedule and personal preferences.

Who is right for the K weight loss program?
This program is for any person 18 years or older who wants to lose weight, manage or prevent disease, and make healthy lifestyle changes.

What is the average weight loss achieved?
Individual results may vary and we have a variety of programs.

What does the program guarantee?
The program will teach you healthy diet and exercise skills which will last a lifetime. The professionals will teach you skills that are customized to your cultural habits, time constraints, schedule and personal preferences and will also motivate you to try new exercises or diet options that may work for you.

Can you accommodate patients with disabilities?
Yes, we can make accommodations for patients with disabilities. Most areas of the building are wheelchair accessible. Please call 908-206-4676 to schedule a free consultation with our physician and program coordinator to discuss any special needs.


Do you only work with patients who have other medical conditions?
No, we want to help anyone who wants to lose weight. In addition, we will address all other medical conditions that are related to being overweight.

What is included in the medical assessment?
During the first visit, our doctor will do an initial medical assessment and advise you of conditions and medications that may be causing weight gain and interventions that would help you lose weight. She will do two follow-up visits to monitor your weight loss and give you further recommendations. The initial assessment will also include laboratory tests such as fasting glucose, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, fasting lipids, hemoglobin, electrolytes, screening for diabetes and inflammation and an EKG in some cases.

Do I need a referral from my physician to join the program?
No, a referral is not necessary but we advise that you let your physician know that you are doing the program.

Do you take patients who are preparing for bariatric surgery? Can I come to the program after having the surgery?
Absolutely. We believe that for some patients, surgery can be a valuable option to treat obesity. However, studies have shown that the best surgical outcomes usually occur when patients achieve some weight loss and physical conditioning prior to surgery, and when they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Therefore, we welcome patients who are preparing themselves for surgery, and others who have already had surgery and would like to maintain their results.


What nutrition plans will the program offer?
Our doctor will work with each client to determine his/her individual needs, preferences, cultural habits and time constraints and to choose a plan that is patient customized. It will focus on healthy, balanced nutrition principles that are sustainable.

Will the diet plan include meal replacements, medications or supplements?
Yes, the diet plan may include medications and meal replacements. Basic supplements such as a multivitamin – multimineral, probiotic and an omega 3 fatty acid may be included.

Will I learn to use any tools for diet planning?
Yes, you will log your daily caloric intake on myfitnesspal.com or in a diary.

Physical Fitness

What will the exercise specialist do?
The exercise specialist will recommend a fitness schedule that works for you, and meets your needs, preferences and time constraints. He/she will also educate you on strength training and demonstrate exercises during your sessions.

Do you have any equipment in the office?
Yes, we have an exercise and meditation room with some equipment in the office.

Behavioral Therapy

Why do I need to see a behaviorist?
We believe there are many emotional and behavioral aspects to eating that need to be addressed in order for you to lose weight. Over 3 sessions the behaviorist will explore those aspects and work with you to address them.

What interventions will the behaviorist use to help me lose weight?
The behaviorist will use techniques such as motivational interviewing, harm reduction, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address emotional and behavioral aspects to eating.

Follow Up

What is the follow-up offered by the program?
At the end of the active weight loss phase which lasts for 12 weeks, you may go on to the maintenance phase which lasts for up to 48 weeks at an additional cost.

If I like a professional, can I continue to see him/her?
Yes, you may call our front desk at 908-206-4676 and we can schedule additional follow-up visits for you at a nominal extra charge.

Financial & Insurance

What is the cost of the program?
Please call 908-206-4676 to schedule a visit with our physician who will go over the specifics and cost of your program.

Will my health insurance cover any of the fees?
Health insurance companies may cover the doctor visits. However reimbursement varies with each health insurer and is unpredictable. We will go over the specifics of reimbursement at your first visit.

Respect Your Body.
Rest Your Mind.

Lose weight the healthy, medically supervised way.

Call 908.206.4676 to schedule an appointment with our doctor.