Primary Care

We bring the power of 20 years of experience in internal medicine, interlaced with compassion, a desire to help, and with an understanding that it sometimes takes more than a medical history or an annual exam to bring about lifestyle changes. We enhance the lives of our patients by offering evidence-based, comprehensive and compassionate care.

Our physician, Dr. K (Kewalramani) is distinguished by her expertise in internal medicine, public health, nutrition, and psychiatry.

Services include but not limited to: 

- Preventive Annual Physical Exams- labs and EKG (if required) done in the office
- Screening referrals- including mammogram, colonoscopy
- Testing and Treating for STDs
- Acute Infections- Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Ear infections, Sinusitis
- Chronic Illnesses- Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol
- Vaccines including Travel Vaccines
- Nutrition Services– Weight Management, Nutrition in Diabetes, High Cholesterol

(You may see Dr K for weight management or nutrition consults only provided you do not have an HMO insurance where you are restricted to one primary care physician. Your visit will be billed as a primary care medical visit. Co-pays and deductibles will apply.)

We accept many health insurance plans. We also welcome patients who are willing to pay for the visit. You may call our office to discuss the cost of your visit.