Dr K provides counseling for weight and nutrition management. She has studied nutrition at The Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator®and possesses comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes management, prediabetes, and diabetes prevention.

Dr K believes that in order to lose weight you must change your mind-set about food. Her recommendations include focusing on portions and calories and reducing intake of highly processed food and sugar.

As a Certified Diabetes Educator®, she educates and supports patients with diabetes to understand and manage the condition. She promotes self-management of diabetes to achieve individualized behavioral and treatment goals.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Weight Management
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for High Cholesterol
  • Nutrition in Cancer
  • Nutrition for Athletes- including High School Athletes (over 17 years of age)
  • Food Intolerance

**You may see Dr K for nutrition consults only provided you do not have an HMO insurance where you are restricted to one primary care physician. Your visit will be billed as a primary care medical visit. Co-pays and deductibles will apply.