Gluten Free & Lactose Free

Gluten Free Diet

This diet is for patients who have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

  • Gluten free food groups include fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, fish, milk, beans, legumes and nuts.
  • Foods containing wheat, rye, and barley should be avoided.
  • Soybean or tapioca flours, rice, corn, buckwheat, millet, sorghum and potatoes are safe.

Many items that usually contain gluten have gluten-free alternatives that are widely available in most grocery stores, and make living gluten-free much easier. However, read labels on prepared foods and condiments carefully, paying particular attention to additives such as stabilizers or emulsifiers that may contain gluten.

Lactose Free/Low Lactose Diet

This diet is for patients who have lactose intolerance.

  • Choose smaller servings of dairy as tolerated.
  • Drink milk with other foods.
  • You may eat certain dairy products that do not have high levels of lactose such as hard cheeses and yogurt.
  • Choose lactose-reduced or lactose free products as needed.
  • Use lactase enzyme tablets or drops.

If you have Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or lactose intolerance please discuss this with our doctor so she can help you manage your diet.

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